SafetyRico is a company specialized in the creation and development of safety gloves for all kind of activities. Our mission is to create gloves according to the specifications of each customer and work environment.
In a world full of challenges, with constant changes in work activities, the need arises to create products that ensure greater security, profitability and productivity. Our company goal is to create gloves that are the most reliable and adjustable to the work type at reduced costs.
With agreements and manufacturing lines with the most advanced technologies on the market, coupled with several years of experience, we can offer high quality products at very competitive prices. The development, innovation and creation of unique products is in the genes of our company. At SafetyRico we look for perfection through the product, idealized according to the customer specifications.
Em caso de litígio, o consumidor pode recorrer a uma Entidade de Resolução Alternativa de Litígios de Consumo: Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Distrito de Coimbra.
Av. Fernão de Magalhães, nº. 240, 1º. - 3000-172 Coimbra. Telefone: 239 821 690 - E-mail: geral@centrodearbitragemdecoimbra.com). Mais informações em Portal do Consumidor.
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